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Architectural signage refers to the signs and graphics that are integrated into the design of a building or space. This type of signage is meant to enhance the overall aesthetic of the environment while providing important information and guidance to visitors. Some examples of architectural signage include:

  1. Wayfinding signs: These signs are used to help people navigate through a building or campus, providing direction to different areas and amenities.

  2. Identity signs: These signs are used to identify the building or space and may include the name of the building, logo, or other identifying information.

  3. Regulatory signs: These signs are used to provide information about safety and compliance with building codes and regulations.

  4. ADA signs: These signs are used to provide accessibility information and guidance for people with disabilities.

  5. Interior signs: These signs are used to provide information and guidance within the interior of a building.

Architectural signage is designed to blend seamlessly with the architecture and design of the building, making it an important aspect of the overall user experience and making the space more functional and welcoming to visitors.

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