Environmental Graphic Design

Is an aggregate of design disciplines including graphic design, architecture, interior design, landscape design, branding and lighting to create a multi-layered unique experience. 

Hi Octane Design artfully weaves wayfinding, placemaking, architectural graphics, and branded identity into an holistic approach of Environmental Graphics to connect people to place.

People crave places with certainty, variety and delight. A richly detailed and carefully planned environment offers reward to the guest at a variety of scales. The goal is to gradually invite, intrigue and reward exploration. Ultimately, this encourages lingering.

Holistic Approach of Design Disciplines Encompassing: 

• Interior Design
• Identity Development
• Wayfinding
• Visual Communication 
• Integrated Branding
• Architecture

All of these layers together create an experience beyond the visual of architecture for the user within a space. 


Retail stores, entertainment and hospitality destinations–theme parks, hotels, casinos, sports venues, shopping malls and other “branded environments” are using the tools and story-telling approaches of EGD to create more engaging and meaningful interactions with their customers.

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